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Xp3 fuel additive by Fuel Direct for best gas mileage and best diesel fuel efficiency. Xp3 will clean your engine, increase your fuel mileage, and reduce harmful emissions, saving you money while saving the planet. A win/win most would agree!

Best Gas Mileage: Fuel Direct is a company with a long history of bring Green Products to Americans who want to buy the best products. Their most recent acquisition includes a fuel additive Xp3 providing better, cleaner fuel efficiency and providing many more job opportunities that are helping thousands become independent and self efficient.

Fuel Direct: Fuel Direct is a company with a long history of bring Green Products to Americans who want to buy the best products. Their most recent acquisition includes a fuel additive Xp3 providing better, cleaner fuel efficiency and providing many more job opportunities that are helping thousands become independent and self efficient.

Xp3 Fuel Additive: Xp3 fuel additive is a combination of synthetic and organic materials that have been created to out perform any other like it on the market. Chemically tested and proven to increase fuel efficiency by 22%, while helping clean all moving parts it comes in contact with, your fuel tank, injectors, spark-plugs, you name it, if it touches it, it cleans it. Disperses water build up, improves burning while reducing harmful emissions.

Fuel Additive: On of the best fuel additives on the market today! Clean your engine while cleaning the air we breath and saving you money!

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How to get the Best Fuel Mileage Possible!

Fuel Direct definitely is committed to delivering finer petrol performance modern technology to further improve gas consumption, minimizing harmful emissions, and increasing the years of every gasoline and diesel engines.

Kick off saving some cash the next time you fill up

Because of the costs of petrol as well as diesel fuel increasing and of course the cost of maintaining a motor vehicle increasing, individuals are asking for proven, environment safer approaches to reduce your costs at the pump and boost the life of their motors. Xp3 is a kind of reputable grade fuel enhancer created from a combination of manufactured resins and organic and natural formulations. Xp3 operates effectively in all classes of gasoline and diesel fuels, and also has proven to reduce fuel consumption, wear tear expenditures, and as a matter of fact lessen harmful emissions.

Confirmed performance with every single gas/diesel tank

Standard track record since 1989 Sells well over $3 billion yearly commercially – you know it truly works Certainly never harmed a single engine – apply it with assurance 100% environmentally friendly – Xp3 is without question safe and secure in favor of environment Literally costs you 1000's per year To not include Xp3 Specially made to improve the performance of your very own vehicles Boosts combustion to increase engine power Cleaner performing engine Will decrease harm to enhance the life span of your engine Disperses h2o when it comes to much better running engine Improves engine starting and prevents per-ignition Improves the stabilization, lubricity as well as detergent of the fuel Helps stop fuel gelling and freezing

Remain Green. Drive Clean.

Decreases quantities of hazardous emissions Xp3 you'll find is a combination of lab created resins in addition to organic substances Incorporates no alcohol, aromatics, or naphtha wholly bio-degradable Environmentally friendly

The function of the diesel engine is in fact its fuel injection equipment and naturally the foremost problem with this type of equipment is insufficient quality diesel fuel and naturally the intrinsic concern about condensation build up that all diesel engines struggle with. Our Xp3 fuel additive dissipates virtually all water that forms within your tank. There is no other fuel additive are able to do the same. In just just a few tank fulls while using our diesel fuel additive can revese build up of dirty fuel that gums your engines fuel injectors. This could easily prolong your engines life span while maximizing your fuel milage by upwards of 22%. The advantages clearly out way the price of our fuel additive, reducing up-keep costs as well as sustaining your very own engine cleaner with less trips to the mechanic.

Even though average tractor trailer fuel mileage ranges from 7 to 8 miles for every gallon (MPG) and may not seem to be impressive, it's actually great improvement over previous models that scarcely noticed no more than 2 to 3 MPG. Per 100,000 miles a rig at present may go through over 12,000 gallons of fuel. At $4 for every gallon it could cost merely one hauler $48,000 in fuel per each 100,000 miles. With a 20% increase in fuel milage your savings would be able to exceed $9,600. To treat 12,000 gallons one will need to shell out about $900 in our Xp3 Fuel additive. We are able to safely mention we could definitely save 1000s per year, for each tractor trailer. Should you have a fleet of trucks, you now see the bottom line savings.

Minimize Your Carbon Footprint With These Green Energy Ideas!

Green energy changes need not be as difficult as they might seem. No matter if the changes you make are small or big, you are sensitively impacting the eenvironment. In the following article, you will read about some helpful information that will show you how to take advantage of green energy technology.

You can get rid of your old, tank style water heater and switch it out with a new, greener, tankless one. While heaters that are tankless still need electricity or gas, they will not heat more water than you need, which is what a water tank heater does. There are tankless heaters that can supply just one single faucet with water that is hot, but there are also models which supply the whole home.

Don't leave anything on that you aren't using. Turn off lights, televisions and computers if you leave a room and have no plans to return. Use a power strip for your home electronics, and turn it off when you aren't using the equipment. If something is left in standby mode, it is still wasting power.

A good tip to save energy as you cook is by using your oven light. Making use of the oven light in order to check on food saves much on energy costs because so much heat escapes when you open the oven door.

There are countless things you can do it you want to live a environmentally friendly lifestyle. You don't have to invest a lot of time or money; simply clean out your furnace filters and adjust your thermostat while you're gone. Reducing the water heater temperature to 120 degrees can save money too. Every small change helps!

If you want to have hot water, but at a lower cost, then check into solar energy. Get a solar hot-water system. There are direct circulation systems and also direct ones. Indirect systems are the best option for those who have frozen pipes during the winter.

Try installing water-saving shower heads in all of your bathrooms. This will give you the same feel that your traditional shower head offers, but save you a substantial amount of water. There will be an immediate decrease in your water consumption, and saving water benefits our planet.

Going green does not have to be hard. As you have just read, you can make your life greener by using a variety of different methods. Don't hesitate to employ what you have learned. You may have to make some major changes to your life, but the payoff from going green is very much worth it.

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